CONNEAUT — Parents the their children got all dressed up for the “Baby Prom” on Saturday afternoon at the Conneaut Public Library.

“We saw it at a workshop,” said Amanda Latva, young adult coordinator at the library. She said the staff decided it would be the “cutest thing ever” and began plans to make it a reality.

The idea was to build the young childrens reading program and have some fun at the same time. An educational meeting room was packed to the brim with young families seeking to create memories for their children and themselves.

More than a dozen families attended the event that included an “official” announcement of each child by announcer Dave Simpson who has served as the voice of the Conneaut High School marching band and many of the school’s athletic teams over the years.

As each child walked into the room relatives took video and cell phone pictures and Latva took a photograph of each child and his or her parents.

Latva said the Early Head Start program donated a variety of materials for the event. Each child will walk away with four books, she said.

The program was limited to one or

two escorts per child, but the event was opened, for a brief time, for other friends and relatives. “We have all kinds of uncles and aunts sneaking in for pictures,” Latva said with a laugh.

After the procession each family settled

into a circle of chairs where the children were treated to a story time, music and an “after prom” experience of reading and books in another portion of the library.

“This just sounded like something fun to do,” said Alicia Coe who brought her

young daughter Makenzie with her husband Jason.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Jason Coe said approving of the event.

“Written in the Stars” was the theme of the program and included dimmed lights and a variety of decorations to make the theme come alive for the young children.

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” was a special old-time song that the children were able to bring to life with their parents through hand movements.

“It’s a story time with Molly’s music movement program,” Latva said of the day’s activities. She said the hope is more people will sign up for the library’s summer reading program as a result of the “Baby Prom.”

Alicia Coe was able to draw her high school experience to her young daughter’s “Baby Prom.” “This is actually my prom dress,” she said while pointing to her baby’s dress that was re-purposed by Coe’s mother.




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