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ASHTABULA -- Three students at Lakeside High School 9 will see their poetry published.

Kelia Peck, Raechal Towner and Zach Rapose poems will appear in the Celebration of Young Poet spring 2006 version. The contest and book are through Creative Communications.

Students were required to write a poem for Joann Vranek's English class, Towner said. Vranek then gave the students the Website of creative communications to submit their poetry.

This wasn't Towner's first written work to be published, she said. She had entered an Earth Day essay contest and her essay was published in the Star Beacon, she said. However, this is the first time work of her published will have a wider audience.

Towner wrote a poem titled, "Meant to Be," a poem about love.

Peck's poem expressed how she felt about how people should live and the attitude they should have toward life, Peck said. Her poem was titled, "If You Were Me."

This the third time Peck has submitted written work in a contest but the first time she will be published, Peck said.

"Its an amazing feeling just knowing the poem is out there and can reach someone," she said.

Rapose's poem was titled "Legos," and was about building with Lego bricks, he said. This wasn't Rapose's first time submitting a poem for a contest and being published.

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