GENEVA — Block by chilly block the igloo takes form as Alex Tatia puts his structure together year after year ... when the weather cooperates.

“It is bigger every year,” Tatia said on Monday afternoon as he provided a tour of his igloo on Route 20 in front of his home about two miles east of downtown Geneva.

The 2020 igloo was not made due to a February trip to Puerto Rico but it is normally an annual project, Tatia said. He said he enjoys making the igloos and it keeps him from watching television all winter.

Tatia created a mold to create four blocks; each weighing 30 pounds.

He said it took about six days to build his large igloo that provides a twisting path to the center that he was not able to complete due to warming temperatures on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Tatia makes the pathway into the center of the igloo large enough that people don’t have to duck while entering. It winds in a circular pattern until you get to the center point that is covered by a white tarp blowing in the wind.

“I was born and raised right here in Geneva,” Tatia said. He said he loves snowy, wintry weather and learned how to build the large igloos through “trial and error.”

He said he did review some videos on the Internet but then applied his own technique.

“I get better every year,” he said with a big smile.

The igloo covers a wide area in front of his home and he said people stop by to check it out.

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