GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — The police say their new computer software will make responding to calls, recording arrests and incidents and linking with other police, fire and emergency services easier. 

Police Chief Tim Bruckman told village council at Monday's meeting how much the almost $44,000 software will help the police department. The new ID Networks computer software ties the entire county's police, fire and EMS systems together.

"It more accurately details everything we're doing and makes the information available to other agencies," he said. 

He said the village police department has been trying to become fully integrated into the countywide ID Networks system for over two years. 

"We received (funding) help from the Ashtabula County Emergency Management Agency and other sources," Bruckman said. "Ashtabula County EMA/911 put in about $17,000. We also raised about $7,000 with police auxiliary fundraisers. The village contributed about $14,500 from general funds and we received about $5,000 from our Perry power plant stipend for radio equipment."

He said the advantage to being part of the ID Networks system was that it will make assistance through Central Dispatch's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) in Jefferson much easier.

"It's good both for us and for agencies nearby," he said. "We have been completely linked."

Geneva-on-the-Lake Village Administrator Mark Mizak said he had been meeting regularly with the Ashtabula County Emergency Management Agency for months preparing for the full connection.

"We've spoken in depth about the system," he said. "It should serve the village well, but there are challenges that still need to be addressed."

He said one of those challenges was the age of the previous system and the inconsistencies it presents, particularly with addresses and street names.

"For instance, one address can be listed as State Route 307 and the same address as River Road," Mizak said. "We still need to work on getting more consistency."

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