GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — Hearthside Grove, a luxury RV resort, had an excellent first year, said Eric Frantz, a co-owner of the site.

Hearthside Grove opened for business in May. The resort currently has 56 lots available, with the potential for more in the future, Frantz said.

Frantz has been a resident of the area for about 20 years, and he and his family camped regularly, he said. The idea for Hearthside Grove’s Geneva-on-the-Lake location came in 2017, and construction work started in May, 2019, Frantz said.

Fifteen lots have been sold so far, Frantz said. The lots are one fifth of an acre, and have the potential for bungalows to be built on the site. Construction is currently in progress on a number of bungalows.

“It becomes like a vacation home,” Frantz said. “It’s a destination getaway for people who have a class A motorhome.”

The Geneva-on-the-Lake location is the second Hearthside Grove. Frantz and his wife visited the first location in Michigan and became friends with the owners, he said.

“One thing led to another, and we ended up with a business arrangement to use their name and expertise to develop this,” he said.

Frantz said he expects construction to continue at Hearthside Grove for 10 years as lot owners build bungalows. Construction is also in progress on a community center.

“It’s a clubhouse space for owners and guests of the resort,” Frantz said. “So that will be ready in May, and we also have our pool and pool house under construction. It also will be ready in May.”

Additional projects are planned for 2022 and 2023, he said.

“In our next phase of development, we’ll have a variety of public-facing amenities like retail shopping,” Frantz said. “Of course we’ll have our golf-cart rentals, we’ll have electric bike rentals.”

The resort has done well so far, Frantz said.   

Frantz said the village was great to work with, and that Hearthside Grove would not have been able to open so quickly without the village’s support.

“There were a lot of hurdles to overcome to develop a project like this, and it really took a very strong partnership with [the village] to make that happen,” Frantz said.

Mayor Dwayne Bennett praised the project, and said it is good for the entire village.

“When the whole thing is said and done and complete, it’s going to be a pretty elaborate setup,” Bennett said. “It’s going to be a plus for not just Geneva-on-the-Lake, but for the whole county, I think.”

People coming into Hearthside Grove will support local businesses, Bennett said.

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