Tens of thousands expected to descend on GOTL as Thunder on the Strip kicks off

A number of motorcyclists had already arrived at Geneva-on-the-Lake Thursday morning, before Thunder on the Strip officially kicked off.

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — A 4.5-mill levy will be on the ballot for Geneva-on-the-Lake residents this November to pay for parks and recreation.

The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home $157.50 per year. It will generate around $166,000 annually for the village, Administrator Jeremy Schaffer said.

The levy will pay for various improvements the village has in mind.

Plans have been made to expand a bike path that the village currently has.

Eventually, the plan is to have the trail connect from one end of the village to the other, Mayor Dwayne Bennett said in September.

“That levy, we need it, because we’ve applied for grants that we’ll need to match,” Schaffer said in September.

The village applied for an $800,000 grant to work on the bike trail.

Another improvement would be based around the GOTL letters on the west side of the Strip.

The village owns 10 acres of land in the area.

“There, we want to upgrade, add additional playground equipment and expand some of that. And then we would like to build a splash park somewhere on that property,” Schaffer said.

Splash parks have various sprinklers and other water features, where children can play and cool down in the summer.

“We’re trying to get some more family activities in the village,” Bennett said in September.

Schaffer said land recently donated to the village may be turned into a park, which may be attached to the bike trail.

The village does not currently have a parks levy, Schaffer said.

Schaffer directed residents to the county’s levy calculator, on the auditor’s website, to see exactly how much the levy would cost them.

“If it passes, this money, [residents will] see it work in the village, Schaffer said. “We’re going to do the projects that they can use every day to help ... build a community for their children and grandchildren.”

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