GENEVA — The Geneva Board of Education will vote Wednesday on whether to replace and relocate the junior high school baseball, softball and practice football fields to the high school next year, Superintendent Ron Donatone said.

“This summer, a section of the current junior high school will be demolished as part of our school construction projects,” Donatone said. “The property will be fenced off for that construction and there will be no way access the athletic fields.”

The junior high school construction is part of a district-wide building project that will replace all school buildings including Austinburg and Cork elementary schools and consolidate Platt R. Spencer Elementary and Geneva Elementary in a new building on Austin Road.

The school board will cast an urgent vote Wednesday on Donatone’s $290,000 recommendation for the athletic fields, including consultation fees for New Vision Builders, the meeting agenda shows.

New Vision Builders has donated the consultation, but requested reimbursement for expenses, the resolution states.

The replacement fields will be located at the new Geneva High School and the cost is not budgeted in the construction funds issued by the Ohio School Facilities Commission, Donatone said.

“Athletic fields are not covered in the state building assessment, but this is an expense the board planned for. We just didn’t know this would happen so soon,” he said.

The board is in a race against the impending construction and has the deadline of the spring 2009 athletic season.

Donatone said grading for the fields will start in the spring, “As soon as the weather permits.” The board anticipates the practice football field will be finished by the end of summer 2008 and the softball and baseball fields will be done by fall 2008, with well-established grass for footing.

“There will be no disruption in athletics because of the construction,” Donatone said. “Baseball and softball teams will be able to use the old fields until the new facilities are finished.”

Donatone said the $275,000 pricetag with the addition of a $15,500 consultation budget, is a reasonable price for the fields.

“We have to look at the whole picture with drainage grading and seeding, fencing and dugouts — it all adds up,” Donatone said.

“I consider the allocation a very reasonable price for this project. It is easy to spend over $1 million or more if you wanted to on athletic facilities. They can be as simple or as complicated as you can afford,” he said.

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