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MARGIE NETZEL / Star Beacon GENEVA HIGH SCHOOL graduate Danna Norek makes and sells her own line of all-natural health and beauty products. For more information on Aura Sensory products, visit www.aurasensory.com.

Danna Norek has an all-natural heart and the lip balm to match.

Norek, a 1992 Geneva High School graduate, is the owner of Aura Sensory, a line of all-natural beauty and personal products she makes in her Copley home.

“I started to really become interested in what I was putting on my skin,” she said. “There are some really noxious chemicals in the products on the grocery store shelves. But a lot of the all-natural products just aren’t effective.”

Norek took to her kitchen, mixing a concoction that would eventually become her signature product — an all-natural deodorant.

A part-time online marketer, Norek said she was tired of selling products for other people.

“I was selling and promoting other people’s products,” she said. “I wanted to get into a business where I could make and sell my own products and really know every detail of what was going into them from start to finish.”

Now Norek makes and sells soaps, body lotion, shampoo, lip balm and hair conditioner.

Norek said her products are chemical, paraben, sulfate and petroleum free, but use safe ingredients to make them as effective as possible.

“As soon as I started to make my own products, I found that I genuinely like them more than anything I bought at the store,” she said.

Norek said once she hooks a customer, they usually come back for more.

“People just love these products,” she said. “Whether they have an allergy or they just want natural products for health reasons, people really seem to enjoy Aura Sensory products.”

To celebrate Earth Day, Norek is giving away a free, all-natural deodorant with any purchase of $10 or more during the first week of April.

The deodorant is the “new and improved” version of the original product.

“I’m really happy with how it turned out,” she said. “It’s very concentrated, so you don’t need a lot of it for all-day odor control.”

For more information on Norek’s products or to purchase, visit  www.aurasensory.com, email admin@aurasensory.com or call 221-7986.

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