GENEVA — There are six candidates for four Geneva Council seats.

The six candidates are James Baehr, Mario Butera, Philip Cordova, Jeffrey Griffiths, Susan Hagan and Robert Rosebrugh.

Hagan, Cordova and Butera are currently on council, and Rosebrugh has served on council in the past, he said.

This is Baehr’s first time running for an elected position, and he is running as a write-in. Baehr served as a Geneva police officer for 13 years. He also served as a sheriff’s deputy and a coroner’s investigator.

“Every job I’ve had I enjoyed. I enjoy working with the public very much,” Baehr said at the Geneva Chamber of Commerce’s Candidates Night on Oct. 2.

Baehr is currently a full time bailiff at the Western County Court in Geneva.

“I believe I can bring some new ideas and fresh perspective to the city. ... I want to work with council, all the employees and citizens,” Baehr said.

Butera serves as a music teacher. He was appointed to serve out the remainder of a term. This is his first election.

“I’ve really just enjoyed getting to know some citizens and our department heads and the city workers and other council people. It’s really been a positive experience for me, learning the different dynamics of the community, how everything works, our unique needs, how we can come up with creative solutions to fix those,” Butera said. “I just really enjoy it.”

Butera does not have any plans to spearhead specific legislation, he said.

Cordova, an attorney, is also an incumbent, and has served on Geneva council for around 13 years, he said.

If reelected, Cordova would like to focus on expanding the city’s tax base and generating economic development.

“I think I bring a spirit of cooperation to the table, the ability to communicate with and get along with most people. I think I bring a lot to our executive sessions,” he said. “The time I’ve been on council has been marked with very little contentiousness among council members.”

Cordova would like to make the city’s industrial park more attractive to potential investors.

Griffiths stressed his business experience.

“I will do the work,” he said at the Candidates Night forum last week.

“As your council person, I will not rely on hearsay or rumors, but will actively listen to all viewpoints to best understand the individual perspectives and citizen concerns, so we can make the best collective decision,” Griffiths said.

Griffiths would like the city to assemble a master plan. He also wants better communication between council and the citizens, he said.

Hagan currently serves as the President of Geneva City Council.

“At the heart of every politician, regardless of elected office, should be to do what is best for the greater good,” Hagan said. “It is easy to point out what is wrong, very easy. It takes patience, determination, and a sense that we’re all in this together to make a successful city.”

Hagan would like to continue to work with the libraries, schools and citizens to help the city.

Rosebrugh, a Geneva native, has had prior experience on Geneva council.

“I’ve been a businessman my entire life,” he said at Candidates Night.

“I believe it’s important to have a business person on city council, someone who knows this city and its history,” Rosebrugh said.

Rosebrugh served on Geneva City Council for 18 years, he said.

“The reason I was elected four times by you, the people, was because I’m a good representative,” Rosebrugh said.

Rosebrugh dislikes taxes, and instead prefers increasing the tax base, he said.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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