ANDOVER — A candidate for Andover Township fiscal officer acknowledged Monday that she had to file bankruptcy in her past.

Betty Legg, who is seeking the seat currently held by Karen Chapman, said she is aware of the anonymous postings that have been circulating around town about her bankruptcy and previous legal woes.

She called the information “mudslinging.”

Legg filed bankruptcy in 2010 and the case is now closed, court records state.

“They are mudslinging me all over Andover and passing this around,” Legg said. “I have seen it.”

In 2008 Legg said she lost a job in Philadelphia during a time when the “economy went to pot.” Legg said she struggled financially for a while and the only way she could save her house was to file bankruptcy.

“I had no choice,” Legg said. “When bankruptcy is not being abused it is there for a reason. I had to take advantage of it. I’ve built myself back up and I am even stronger for it.”

Legg said she is not ashamed of the choice she had to make and she doesn’t think something that happened nearly a decade ago will have any bearing on her ability to serve as the Andover Township fiscal officer.

“If anything this experience made me smarter and more financially savvy,” Legg said. “You never think that something like that can happen to you.”

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