ASHTABULA — A 93-year-old California woman knocked one item off her bucket list on Saturday as she made a pilgrimage to the Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum to take a deeper look at her family history.

Margo Jenkins, of New Castle, Calif., remembers a short meeting with her great grandparents in Ashtabula when she was a teenager, but learned more about her family history when her husband worked on the family’s genealogy.

Jenkins was especially touched by her family’s connection to the abolitionist work through the Hubbard House prior to the Civil War.

“We went to the Internet for information and I was overwhelmed and I cried,” she said.

Jenkins enlisted her family members from California and Ohio and organized a trip to the Hubbard House.

“This was on my bucket list,” she said.

Jenkins is related to William Hubbard who built the home at the corner of Walnut Boulevard and Lake Avenue in Ashtabula. The home was the center of abolitionist activity and is now a museum dedicated to the history of the Underground Railroad.

Jenkins organized the trip for seven people, including three of her children, to the Hubbard House. Larry Jenkins, her son, said when the family heard that the annual Hubbard House pilgrimage would occur this weekend they decided to make the trip now.

“I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.

The families came from California and Beaver Creek, Ohio to learn more about their heritage.

Karen Jenkins, Larry’s wife, said Jenkins’ mother, Ruth Irene Hubbard, is in the records of the museum and she made sure her family was added to the records of the museum as well.

“They were all issued a certificate of authenticity,” Karen Jenkins said.

The family was given a tour of the Hubbard House after going on the pilgrimage to area cemeteries to view the graves of freed slaves who settled in Ashtabula County.

A luncheon was also provided and Margo Jenkins received flowers from Hubbard House Underground Railroad Museum Executive Director Sally Bradley.

“Thank you for coming,” Bradley said after giving Jenkins a hug and the flowers.

“This is so special,” Jenkins said.

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