JEFFERSON — Fairgoers delighted in the wonder and delicate beauty of butterflies at the new Butterfly Effects exhibit at the Ashtabula County Fair.

Hundreds of butterflies flew inside a netted tent filled with flowers and guests fed them sweet nectar on feeding sticks.

Owner Ted Moss of Spring Hill, Fla., said he enjoys meeting fairgoers and educating them on the natural beauty, life and necessity of butterflies, including blue swallowtail, monarch to painted lady.

"It's a traveling butterfly exhibit and the butterflies come real close," he said. "We answer questions about butterflies ... they pollinate like bees; without them there would be no pollination."

Many curious fairgoers visited and watched butterflies flutter up close and personal throughout the week. The fair closed Sunday night but not before Rose Hudak, 7, of Windsor Township fed a monarch butterfly some "sweet sugar water," she said. "It's fun."

Her sister, Lily, 9, said she learned a lot from the exhibit.

"I didn't know they had a mouth like a straw," she said.

Jack Grimm, 8, of Painesville, said he didn't know the monarch is Minnesota's state butterfly. 

"I learned about the butterfly's life cycle," said Kate Cooper, 7, of Jamestown, Pennsylvania. "It's very interesting."

Moss said children and adults love the exhibit and it's rewarding for him to see how eager the public is about the delicate creatures. The event is perfect for children and children with special needs, he said.

The exhibit started with about 120 butterflies, released nearly 100 and ended with about 30.

"We only bring butterflies native to the state we are visiting," he said. 

The exhibit is free, but donations are welcome. It's a family-owned business and has been in operation since 2013.

The butterflies next stop — the Great Drake County Fair in Greenville, Ohio.

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