DORSET TOWNSHIP — Area residents got a front-row seat on Thursday evening as scenes from a Netflix film played out before their very eyes in “downtown” Dorset.

“They keep yelling, ‘No pictures,’ “ said Dorset Township Fire Chief Mark Drda.

He said the movie directors asked the fire department to divert from the “downtown” area if a fire call occurred if possible.

Route 193 was blocked from the south and north and Footville-Richmond Road into the village was blocked by an Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department cruiser. A blinking light warned people of road closures during the filming.

“Wheat Germ” is being filmed in a variety of northeastern Ohio locations, including Dorset, near an old gas station, and at Pine Lake in Sheffield Township.

The movie is based on the novel “White Noise” which was written by Don DeLillo, according to the the entertainment website Project Casting. It also indicates the movie centers around a train wreck which cases a gas leak that forces the evacuation of the town, the website states.

A business along Route 167 near the Route 193 intersection was used as a staging ground on Thursday evening with numerous large transit vehicles moving people to and from the site while illuminated by large portable lights.

Two even larger portable lights were visible high above the intersection of Route 193 and Route 167.

Project Casting says filming of the movie is also planned in Cleveland on Oct. 26 or Oct. 28.

The movie stars Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach and Adam Driver, according to Project Casting. The website advertised a variety of parts for extras early in the film stages with details regarding roles and wages.

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