GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — Deliberations on a disputed construction project are scheduled for noon Thursday after last week’s Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.

Last week, Robert Moore, a seasonal resident of Geneva-on-the-Lake, presented his case in front of the Board of Zoning Appeals, asserting that a property that was being turned into a motel had exceeded its permits.

Moore’s complaints are specific to several pieces of new construction.

The focus of Moore’s complaint is a deck that is within a foot of his property line, he said. The initial zoning permit was only to cover a preexisting concrete pad, Geneva-on-the-Lake Village Administrator Jeremy Schaffer said.

Moore also believes that a staircase and a second-story balcony are in violation of the permit.

The Ashtabula County Building Department issued a stop-work order on April 4, according to the building department.

In addition to the zoning code violations, Moore alleges that the village improperly rejected his appeals to the zoning board.

“I didn’t know what the current practice was, because it was outside of the code. Everything goes to the BZA board and they can decide whether they believe it’s outside of the 20 days or not,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer also stressed that no special treatment had been given to the person doing the construction

Moore filed multiple complaints with the city, and there was a hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals earlier this year.

Last week, the Board held another meeting. At that meeting, the rest of the arguments were heard, Schaffer said.

Moore is looking to have the deck, staircase, and second-floor deck removed.

Thursday’s meeting will take place at Geneva-on-the-Lake Village Hall.

Moore was satisfied with last week’s hearing.

“I think the Board seems to be very fair,” he said.

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