CONNEAUT — The fire department will start flushing hydrants in the city on Monday, July 6.

Hydrant flushing will be conducted from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to a statement from the Conneaut Fire Department. Residents are advised not to do laundry while hydrants in their neighborhood are being flushed, and run cold water faucets until the water is clear in case sediment is stirred up during the flushing.

Running hot water before clearing the lines with cold water could pull sediment into a home’s hot water tank, according to the Conneaut Fire Department.

The flushing schedule may be disrupted by emergency calls, inclement weather or unexpected circumstances could throw off the flushing schedule. Anyone with questions or concerns should call Captain Gardner at 440-593-7460.

Flushing schedule

Week 1

• Today: Chestnut St, Jackson St, Walnut St, Detroit St, Cricket Ave

• Thursday: Smith St, Blair St, Bliss Ave, 16th St (Chestnut St to Broad St), Orange St, Wrights Ave, Carl St, Residence St, Grove St, Mill St

• Friday: Sandusky St, Buffalo St, Washington St

Week 2

• Monday: Harbor St, Day St, Pearl St, Erie St, Park Ave

• Tuesday: S Liberty St, N Liberty St, Old Main Rd (Harbor St to Conneaut Creek), Park Place, Clay St, Grant St, Nickle Plate Ave, Poplar St, Marshall St, Hayward Ave, Beaver St, Lake Shore Ct, 16th St (Broad St to Harbor St), 15th St, 15th St Ext., 14th St, Carnegie St, 12th St, Hiler St, Pasadena Ave, River St, Orchard St, Garden St

• July 15: Main St, West St, Fifield Ave, Reig Ave, McKinley Ave, Cummins Ave, Grandview Ave, Lincoln Dr, Stadium Ave, Center St, Whitney St

• July 16: State St, Orange St, Wrights Ave, Cleveland Ct, Liberty St, Madison St

• July 17: W Adams St, Commerce St, W Jackson St, Clark St (Lakeview Ave to Whitney Rd), Oak St, Whitney Rd, Craytor Ave, Golfview Dr, Sunrise Dr, Parkview Dr, Lake Breeze Dr, Sunset Dr

Week 3

• July 20: Millard Ave, Lakeview Ave, Sherman St, Benjamin St, Williams St, Parker St, Chadman St, Fairmont St, Clinton Ave

• July 21: Lake Rd (Lakeview Ave to City Limits), Crystal Springs Dr, Burrington Hts, Salisbury Rd, Margor Dr

• July 22: Chamberlain Blvd, Parrish Rd, Maple Ave, Hosford Ave, Brown Ave

• July 23: W Main Rd (102 W Main to Keefus Rd), Leamur Dr, King St, Bloor St, Townsend Ave, Leith Walk Ext., Grifton Ave, S Parrish Rd (W Main to Dead-End), Locust Dr, Conneaut Plaza, Keefus Rd

• July 24: W Main Rd (Keefus Rd to City Limits), Cedar Ave, Oakland Blvd, Highland Ave, Highland Apartments, Dibble Rd, Sunset West Apartments, West Winds Dr, Industry Dr, Gore Rd

Week 4

• July 27: N Amboy Rd, S Amboy Rd, Bridgeview Ln, Joann Dr, Janet Dr, Creek Rd

• July 28: Old Main Rd, Woodworth Rd, E Main Rd, Fair St, Salem St, Rowe St, Thompson Rd

• July 29: Welton Rd, Woodland Ave, Longview Ave, High St, Bailey Rd, Fenton Ave, Bessemer Ave, Peach St, Bell St, Thomas Dr, Innovation Pkwy, Dorman Rd

• July 30: Middle Rd, Furnace Rd

• July 31: Underridge Rd East, Underridge Rd West, South Ridge Rd East, South Ridge Rd West

Week 5

• Aug. 3: Horton Rd, S Parrish Rd, Center Rd

• Aug. 4: Daniels Ave, Edgewood Dr, Hillcrest Dr, Old Mill Rd, Gateway Ave, Days Blvd

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