Rich McBride started taking pictures of his family as a hobby 40 years ago, he said. Earlier this month, it was announced that two of his photos were among the 11 winners of the “Life on Lake Erie” photo contest. 

McBride’s two winning pictures, titled “Foggy Morning” and “Washed Ashore” were among the 177 pictures submitted this year, according to a statement released by the Ohio EPA. This year’s contest had one of the highest number of entries in the history of the contest, according to the statement.

While working full time, McBride took a lot of pictures of his family while his children were growing up, and eventually started taking wedding pictures on the weekend, he said.

“I used to do double exposures and stuff with film, and so my pictures were a little different than a lot of peoples,” McBride said.

When digital photography started to become popular, McBride and two of his nephews started having photo contests between the three of them.

“We had a blast,” McBride said. “It was just a three-person competition.”

McBride is a member of the Erie Camera Club, and submits photos for the club’s monthly competition.

“I do very well with them, too,” McBride said. “I just love photography.”

McBride also takes photos of wildlife, and recently took photos of steam locomotives as well.

“We’re always looking for things to take pictures of,” he said.

McBride sells calendars made with his photos in the fall. 

Photographers were recognized during the Ohio Lake Erie Commission’s Sept. 9 meeting, according to the Ohio EPA’s statement. The contest is sponsored by the OLEC, to encourage photographers to share their pictures of the lake, according to the statement.

“Lake Erie is one of Ohio’s most amazing natural treasures, and the annual Life on Lake Erie photo contest is a good way to highlight how the lake makes Ohio a great place to live and visit,” said Governor Mike DeWine in the statement.

“Congratulations to all of the winning photographers, and thank you to everyone who entered photos and got outside to enjoy the lake.”

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