Conneaut man's disappearance an eight-year-old mystery

Tim Rhodes of Conneaut disappeared eight years ago. Relatives haven't given up hope of finding out what happened to him.

CONNEAUT — Eight years ago, Tim Rhodes vanished from his Conneaut home but not from the thoughts and prayers of family and friends.

They are waiting to hear if a body found last June in Pennsylvania could finally solve the mystery of what happened to Rhodes.

“It’s very frustrating,” said his daughter, Shannon Ruffo of North Kingsville. 

The 53-year-old Rhodes was last seen Oct. 5, 2011. Police investigators believe he didn’t leave town on a trip because personal belongings remained in his Beaver Street home. When Rhodes did travel, his longest trip was only two days and he kept in contact with family members, police have said.

Family members fear Rhodes ran into some bad people.

Hanging on to hope is harder with each day, Ruffo said.

“We just want closure,” she said.

Trooper Mitchell Colquhoun of the Pennsylvania State Police said they are waiting for DNA results, as well. 

“At this time we are waiting for the coroner’s forensic scientist to give us a positive identification,” he said.

Conneaut Police Chief Michael Colby said, “It’s a sad thing that the family has to go through all this, but when it gets down to things like this, it takes time.”

If it’s Rhodes, his family will be contacted immediately, he said.

Relatives’ spirits are lifted by the occasional contact from well-wishers.

“That’s always appreciated,” Ruffo said.

Anyone with any information on the case should call the Conneaut Police Department at 440-593-7440.

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