CONNEAUT — The city will have a new way to celebrate the start of summer in the form of a music festival.

Conneaut City Limits will kick off on June 12 and is expected to consist of nearly 30 acts, according a news release announcing the event.

Buccia Vineyards, Breakwall BBQ and Sparky’s Place will host the festival. Discussions with other potential venues are ongoing, according to the release.

Buccia Vineyards hosted a grand reopening earlier this year after the property was renovated by new owner Bill Holden.

“We collaborate between us, Breakwall BBQ and Sparky’s Place and all three of us have live music,” Holden said. “When we’re shut down, we go to the other folks’ places and support each other.”

The idea of a music festival actually took shape while Holden was with the owners of Sparky’s Place at Breakwall BBQ, listening to live music, Holden said.

“It just kind of organically came out of that conversation, what could we do together that would be a really cool thing for Conneaut and a nice way to get some more people here and promote the area,” Holden said.

Shane “Sparky” Gelfer, co-owner of Sparky’s Place, spent four months working in the Austin and San Antonio areas in his previous career, and Conneaut has a thriving live music scene, he said.

“I said, you know, it’s kinda like an Austin City Limits with the diversity of the music scene here, and my wife looked at me and she just kinda chuckled and said ‘Conneaut City Limits.’ Holden looked at both of us and he got a big smile on his face and he said ‘you know what? We’ve got a music festival.’” Gelfer said.

“We’re really doing it primarily for the community and to promote live music,” Holden said.

The group has been working on the project for months, Gelfer said. The group has reached out to other businesses and venues in Conneaut see how interested they are in participating in the festival.

Because of the number of venues, the organizers are working on how to transport festival-goers around Conneaut.

There are still some things that need to be worked out, including how bands can sign up for the event.

The team working on the festival are all detail oriented, Gelfer said. “There’s a lot of possibilities.”

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