Conneaut Arts Center ballet dancers to perform in Cleveland

Conneaut dance students (from left) Adele Wade, Rowan Dewey, Jordan Novitsky, Skyla Bowers and Ella Dewey will be performing at the Allen Theater in Playhouse Square on Saturday.

CONNEAUT — Five area ballet dancers will get to perform on stage at Cleveland’s Allan Theater on Saturday.

The dancers, students at the Conneaut Arts Center, will perform “Pandora’s Box,” from a show in 2017, according to Tessa Deutsch, dance department director. The performance is contemporary ballet, Deutsch said.

The Conneaut students performing in the showcase are Adele Wade, Rowan Dewey, Jordan Novitsky, Skyla Bowers and Ella Dewey, Deutsch said.

The performance is part of the ADF in CLE Student Showcase, a free event that is part of the American Dance Festival.

“This year, we’re launching our season with our summer dance festival, which we’ve done for the last three years, and as part of that festival, we do have two headliner performances of international and nationally known companies,” Sarah Hricko, marketing director at DanceCleveland, said.

“(During) the day, before those headliner companies, we offer a full range of free community dance classes students can take part in, and we also offer this free ... dance school showcase,” she added.

DanceCleveland, which was founded in 1956 as the Cleveland Modern Dance Association, hosts the American Dance Festival in Cleveland, and aims to bring the passion of dance to residents of northeast Ohio, according to the group’s website.

Deutsch found the Student Showcase online while looking for new classes for her students. “I was looking for master classes and things for the girls to take during that week,” Deutsch said.

Ten dance studios will be participating in Saturday’s Student Showcase, Deutsch said.

The dancers from Conneaut are teenagers, and have been students of Deutsch for years.

The show takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, at the Allen Theater at Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

“The reason we started it was because we realized a lot of dance schools really don’t have the opportunity to perform on a stage multiple times per year. Often times their end-of-the-year show may be the only show the students have to work so hard toward. ... We thought it would be great to give them another opportunity,” Hricko said.

The students are treated professionally and get to participate in a full-tech rehearsal beforehand, Hricko said.

“It’s a really great experience for the students, and for the teachers and for the parents. We hear a lot of great things about it,” Hricko said.

Participants in the showcase will also get to attend a BalletX performance, one of the festival’s headline groups, Hricko said.

Tickets for the event are free, but visitors are encouraged to call or register online before the show to get tickets.

“It was at the end of June that we finally found out that we were accepted into the showcase. I couldn’t believe it. We were all just so excited. We’re getting down to the last few days, so we’re getting a little nervous but we’re getting there. We’ve been practicing a lot. I think this is just such a fantastic opportunity for them. They get to dance in this professional setting that so many other professional companies have been to. I think it’s amazing,” Deutch said.

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