CONNEAUT — City Council approved a paving contract at Monday night’s special meeting.

The ordinance to award the city’s 2020 paving contract was introduced at the last council meeting in June, but was not voted on at the time because there were not enough council members present to waive procedural rules.

All of council was present Monday and the ordinance was approved.

The contract was awarded to Koski Construction Company, with a price not to exceed $549,000. This year’s paving program is made up of Chestnut Street, between Lake Road and 16th Street, and Middle Road, from Route 20 to the bridge over Interstate 90.

This year’s city paving program has a smaller number of streets than usual, but a larger volume of asphalt, City Manager Jim Hockaday said in June. 

“It’s almost double our typical paving program, but that’s just because they’re big streets,” Hockaday said.

Sections of Broad Street and Lake Road are also being repaved, as part of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s paving program.

In other business

• First ward Councilperson Rick Gaugh informed council that trains have been blocking the Woodworth Road crossing, and Council President Jon Arcaro said that the Gore Road crossing had been blocked by trains.

Last year, there were a number of complaints about stoppages at both sites. At one point, a fire engine and two police cars were trapped on Woodworth Road by a stopped train, officials said at the time.

More than 20 incidents of trains stopped on tracks were reported between Sept. 1 and Dec. 10. 

If a train is stationary at a crossing for five minutes, it must clear the crossing for at least three minutes before blocking it again, according to the Ohio Revised Code. The city of Conneaut also has an ordinance restricting how long crossings can be blocked by a stationary train.

People can contact the Conneaut Police Department when crossings are blocked for more than five minutes, Arcaro said.

Hockaday encouraged people to report violations.

“If they’re not supposed to be doing it, they’re not supposed to be doing it,” Hockaday said. “Please report them and we will handle it.”

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