Community helps save rained-out wedding reception 

Scott and Sommer (Safreed) McIntyre’s wedding reception got rained out July 11, but they are grateful for the people of Geneva-on-the-Lake who saved the day.

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — People often say, ‘When it rains, it pours,’ but that wasn’t true for Sommer Safreed McIntyre of Cranberry Township, Pa.

On July 11, in the pouring rain, she married Scott McIntyre under a tent at the Lakehouse Inn Resort, Geneva-on-the-Lake.

“It was so rainy that day no one even thought to get cell phone pictures,” she said. “Even so, the wedding turned out great, but the reception was to be held at Geneva Township Park and there was just no way we could pull that off with the rain.”

Knowing that rain is supposed to be good luck and a symbol of a strong marriage ahead didn’t really help matters. But, Allison Kinney, a bartender at the Cove Niteclub on the Strip, did know how to help. She graciously offered to let the couple use the Cove for their reception, McIntyre said.

“I just want to say how amazing this group is and how amazing the residents of Geneva-on-the-Lake truly are,” she said. “I had people reaching out left and right and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

McIntyre now calls Kinney her forever friend and guardian angel.

“She reached out to me and said we could have the Cove free of charge,” Safreed said. “She even jumped in to help set up and decorate. It turned out beautiful.”

Looking back on what could have been a disaster, she said everyone had the best day. 

“Allison [Kinney] is truly the best,” she said. “Geneva-on-the-Lake is such a generous loving helpful little town.”

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