ASHTABULA — A 38-year-old Ashtabula mother was attacked Wednesday night after she asked a 28-year-old female house guest to not talk mean to her 9-year-old son, according to the police report.

The house guest allegedly told the boy to “quit looking at me” and the mother reprimanded her for it. Then the house guest and the mother’s 37-year-old roommate assaulted the mother while she was cooking in the kitchen of her West 34th Street home, according to the report.

The house guest and the roommate had both been drinking alcohol all day, the mother told police.

As she was being attacked, the mother hollered for her son to call 911, but the house guest tore the phone from his hands. The boy then ran to a neighbor’s house and called police, according to the police report.

The mother was transported to Ashtabula County Medical Center for her injuries. After treatment, she and her son went back to the house and the two other women refused to let them inside.

Police arrived and allowed the mother and son to collect some of their belongings, including the cell phone. They left the residence to stay elsewhere for the night.

Charges of assault and robbery [for the cell phone] are pending, police said.

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