ANDOVER — Fingers fast on their buzzers, nine teams of students answered question after question with ease, barely pausing for complicated math, breezing through art and science questions and pausing only briefly to discuss world history and geography.

But each round of questions presented by moderator Karla Mullenax Wludyga held at least one mind-boggling question that stumped them all.

Here are a few questions teens from Conneaut, Grand Valley, Pymatuning Valley, Geneva, Jefferson, Grand River Academy, SS. John and Paul, Lakeside and Edgewood high school couldn’t answer. Can you get them right?

n Question: What stage direction indicates that a single character should leave the stage?

Answer: Exit.

n Question: Including the rudimentary thumb, bats have how many fingers?

Answer: 10, just like humans.

n Question: What household appliance can turn a liquid directly into a solid?

Answer: A freezer.

n Question: In the story of Chicken Little, who was the antagonist?

Answer: Foxy Loxy.

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