ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — The Buckeye Local School Board of Education amended Superintendent Patrick Colucci’s contract.

Beginning Aug. 1, and continuing throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Colucci will take on the duties and responsibilities of the former director of operations. Colucci will be paid $116 per day, or $30,000 for the school year.

The board also approved an amended contract for Information Technology Coordinator John Radwancky to assist the superintendent with his new duties. Radwancky will be paid an extra $38.46 per day, or $10,000 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Both actions were taken during a special meeting on Oct. 5.

School Board President Shannon Pike said the move was made with the intention of saving the district money after the board received former Director of Operations Karl Brunell’s resignation. Brunell was making $54,000 a year, plus benefits, before he left the district.

“Colucci and Radwancky will take on additional responsibilities,” Pike said.

Colucci said the contract amendments came about because of the timing of the resignation and his assistant, along with operational adjustments related to the Covid 19 pandemic. “The school board asked me to divide the duties and responsibilities of the director of operations,” he said. “Rather than introduce someone new at this time we are using our tech coordinator, transportation administrative assistant and myself to handle those duties and responsibilities on an interim basis.”

Colucci said the district is being creative by utilizing internal resources.

Longtime board Mary Wisnyai said Colucci and Radwancky said they could do the job and save the district money.

Colucci’s salary, without the amendment, is $113,000 per year for five years, according to a contract approved in February 2019.

Radwancky’s salary, without the amendment, is $75,600 per year for three years, according to a contract approved in August 2020.

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