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ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP - - The Buckeye Local School District will implement an in-school detention program for junior high and high-school students and will hire a full-time tutor for the program.

Board of Education members approved the recommendation Tuesday evening.

The in-school detention was a pilot program started this year.

Previously, suspended students spent their suspensions at home and were counted as being absent. Now, students spend their suspensions in school, doing classroom work the entire school day. Their attendance counts, and they receive their classroom assignments, said Superintendent Nancy Williams. The high school students report to the high school but take a bus to the junior high.

Steven Kofol, Wallace H. Braden Junior High School principal, said he and his staff think the new program is excellent.

"It keeps the students in school, and their schoolwork gets done," he said. "They're are not at home, doing nothing."

Also discussed was whether the program should be part time, held a few days a week or run Monday through Friday. Both Williams and Kofol agreed full time is best. Students get immediate discipline for infractions, every school day.

Another benefit of the in-school program is the transition from suspension back into classes, according to Kofol, which is much smoother because students aren't trying to catch up as a result of being out of school.

The teachers seem pleased with the program, he said.

"It's more positive than sending the students home," said Buckeye Board Member Mary Wisnyai. "We need to bite the bullet and pay (for a full-time tutor). The benefits will be tremendous in the end," she said.

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