Lots of news in the Terry household from last week.

First of all, Delightful Granddaughter passed her driver’s license test on Tuesday! Hooray! 

We survived, or rather, I survived. I was so nervous for her but she got a perfect score on driving and only a few points knocked off for “dinging” a traffic cone in the dreaded maneuverability test. 

I was so happy for her. 

She was thrilled except with her driver’s license picture — “I look like a serial killer,” she said.


Then, after last Sunday’s Browns versus Steelers melee, Handsome Son scolded me for posting, “They started it,” on Facebook.

“Violence is never the answer,” he said.

“Who said that?” I said.

“You!” he said.

I couldn’t argue with him. 

“I guess I got caught up in the emotion of it all,” I said.

“Walk away, Mom, walk away,” he said. “Violence doesn’t solve anything. That’s what you always told me.” 

Since when did my kids start listening to me?  

Speaking of kids, Dear Daughter arrives today for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

“Get on your [oven] mitts,” she said. “I can’t wait to eat your pumpkin pies and chocolate pie.”

I’m sure we will have a great holiday, playing board games and watching Christmas movies — everybody except Hubby. He prefers his luxury tree stand to family gatherings at the homestead.

I don’t understand why. Do you?


Staff writer Shelley Terry wishes all her faithful readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Look for Terry and staff photographer Warren Dillaway reporting on Black Friday shopping early Friday morning!

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