GENEVA — Connie Rees, owner of Rees’ Corner Store, found that damage to her business had been repaired by the person who did it, she said.

Last Wednesday night, one of the benches in front of the Rees’ Corner Store in Geneva, was broken, and more than half of it was missing.

Only a part of the bench’s legs, sheared off from the rest of the bench, was left behind.

And then, on Thursday night, the last part of the bench, which was bolted to the front of the building, was gone. “I thought the police had come and took the evidence, the sheered off legs,” Rees said.

They hadn’t.

On Monday, Geneva Police confirmed that they had been called about the incident, but did not have an additional comment.

Monday morning, after she opened the store, a patron asked Rees how she got the bench back.

To her surprise, Rees found the repaired bench sitting on the sidewalk outside of her store.

The sheared-off metal was repaired, and the bench was placed next to where it had been attached to the building before it was damaged.

“They ... totally fixed the bench, and brought it back, somehow, in the middle of the night,” Rees said. “They must have been scared, and not wanted to get in trouble that night ... but they were decent and kind and had a conscience, fixed it and brought the whole thing back.”

“It just makes my heart ... feel good,” Rees said.

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