A week after Rachel Supplee was savagely attacked by an escaped bear in her own home, she was released from St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown.

Instead of returning to her home Tuesday, she is spending a few days with her sister, Misty Weldy.

Her first day out included a trip to the doctor, Weldy said.

"She is doing better but still in lots of pain," Weldy said.

"She's in a wheelchair. It hurts for her to walk. It hurts for her to bend over. But she's smiling, so that's good," Weldy said.

Supplee was washing her kitchen floor with orange-scented water when the family beagle, Gunner, needed to go out. Daughter Daphne opened the door that leads to the garage and outside. But there stood a bear, who escaped from the nearby Grand River Fur Exchange.

The bear attacked Supplee, causing severe injuries. The bear ended the attack when Daphne gave it turkey. The animal was killed by its owner, Mark Gutman, after it exited the house.

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