Auditor's office to hold forfeited land sale 


JEFFERSON — Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas is planning a forfeited land sale Feb. 3 for properties being sold in Ashtabula County.

The sale will occur in person, following safety procedures.

“Our office has continued to stay open and serve the public despite COVID, holding this forfeited land sale is another example of how we are continuing essential operations,” Thomas said. “We have received many calls asking us to hold a sale, should be a great opportunity for folks.”

The sale will be at the Jefferson Community Center. Doors will open with registration at 9 a.m. The auction will start at 10 a.m. and traditionally takes 90 minutes. There are 94 lots available for bid of the taxes owed and fees including court costs, recording and deed preparation.

Interested bidders can see available properties and information in addition to a map on the auditor’s website. Properties being auctioned have several years of unpaid taxes and through court action, have been offered at two previous sales and have become forfeited.

“These properties are not contributing to the tax rolls, and typically are of no use to the current owner. We love being able to get the parcels back to being enjoyed and also contributing to their local tax base,” he said.

Winning bid amounts are used to offset the loss of tax revenue to local and county entities involved in the foreclosure process.

Residents are asked not to attend if they fall under high at-risk categories or are feeling unwell with COVID symptoms. Attendees will be spaced per health department requirements in the Jefferson Community Center, where bidding will occur and will have the opportunity to pay in full then with their deposit or in the auditor’s office prior to the end of the business day.

“Holding this sale, even with the unique challenges of today, is an important action for residents and local entities. I appreciate the hard work of our staff and other county employees for helping make property ownership a reality for the winning bidders,” Thomas said.

Successful bidders become owners of the properties following a formal period of foreclosure. Purchase starts the property fresh on back taxes and clears any county liens. Forfeited land sales have opening bids predominately at $100.

“Since taking office in 2019, we have held six vacant land sales and two forfeited land sales.

“Moving hundreds of properties back into good use and contributing to the tax base is a great thing for Ashtabula County and our residents,” he said. “We are currently in the process of scheduling two more vacant land sales for late spring.” 


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