JEFFERSON — Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced Tuesday he’ll be distributing more than $30 million in property tax revenue to school districts, municipalities and other governmental entities in Ashtabula County’s final settlement of taxes paid during the second-half property tax collection period.

Thomas’ office has already advanced an additional $11.8 million in property tax funds to jurisdictions that requested them. Traditionally schools will receive a prorated amount of tax revenue as taxes are paid to aid in cash flow as opposed to one large lump sum following collection.

“When folks pay their taxes to the county Treasurer’s Office, once collection is done, the role of the Auditor’s Office is to determine distribution of your tax dollars to all of the taxing authorities that made up your tax bill,” Thomas said.

The distribution process involves complex formulas and factors with over 60 taxing districts, each with its own rate. The auditor’s office must account for and distribute more than $100 million in taxpayer dollars, twice a year.

“We have created an easy step by step guide on our website where residents can follow to see their individual tax distribution and know where their dollars are going,” he said. “You can find this under the Understanding your Tax Dollars tab or the State of the Real Estate slide too.”

Only 10-mills of property owners’ tax bills, $350 for a $100,000 home, are unvoted tax charges. The remainder is decided by voters in the form of levies on residents’ ballots.

Local entity distributions included $3.3 million to municipalities and villages, $4.6 million to townships, $12.4 million to schools, and $988,000 to libraries among other disbursements to parks, cemeteries, and ambulance districts. Ashtabula Area City Schools received the largest portion at $2.8 million with the largest non-school entity being Ashtabula City at $1.3 million in revenue.

Ashtabula County’s property tax disbursement falls under several agencies with the Board of Developmental Disabilities receiving the largest disbursement of $2.7 million and other agencies such as Children Services, Mental Health and Recovery Services, Senior Services and General Fund totaling $7 million.

The Auditor’s Office will be happy to discuss questions pertaining to property values or other issues. Residents are encouraged to contact  Thomas at or visit and call 440-576-3783.

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