ASHTABULA — The city is expected to tackle portions of seven streets in need of paving this summer, with money from the street-paving levy passed by voters last November.

The first half of this year's collection of the 4-mill, five-year levy, has generated about $333,000, and will be used to pave West 47th Street (Woodman to Benefit); West 48th Street (Foster to Elm); West 30th Street (MFG Place to Griswold); West 58th Street (Main Avenue east to city limits); Jefferson Avenue (50th to 54th Street); West Avenue (Bunker Hill to Hamlin Drive), and Archdale Avenue (West 9th Street to Highland).

City Council authorized City Manager Jim Timonere to enter into a contract with Koski Construction for the job at Monday night's virtual council meeting.

“These are the funds we have in the bank,” Timonere said. “Next year, it should be close to double this."

Ward 2 Councilman Calvin Crawford thanked the manager for his work on getting these streets paved.

The negative effects of the coronavirus on the city's budget caused city officials to be cautious and spend only the money in the city's coffers.

On Monday night, council members approved an amended budget, highlighting a $1 million shortfall in revenue. The city plans to lay off three firefighters and one employee in the Planning and Community Development Department.

Timonere said typically the city spends between $350,000 and $400,000 annually on street paving. But the money doesn’t stretch far, typically covering just eight to 10 streets per year and that doesn’t count big stretches of major thoroughfares. 

Next year, city officials hope to spend more than $700,000 on street paving, thanks to the levy.


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