ASHTABULA — It’s that time of year again when city officials are getting calls about code violations.

City Manager Jim Timonere said keeping up with those concerns is a necessary and time consuming project, but he encourages citizens to report violations by calling 440-992-7118.

The city is in the midst of removing junk vehicles, stemming from citizens’ complaints, he said.

“So far we’ve towed 32 junk cars, 2 trailers and 1 boat,” he said. “We are working in cooperation with police and a towing company and it’s been very successful.”

When it comes to junk vehicles, the city gives the owner a 72-hour warning before sending a tow truck over to haul the vehicle away.

City ordinance states the city prohibits junk or not properly licensed vehicles to be placed, located or stored.

“We are talking about inoperable cars with weeds growing through it and no valid license [plate],” Timonere said. 

Those found in violation will be cited and fined and given notice to remove the vehicles or the city can and will remove the vehicle for them. All fees or charges assessed by the enforcement of the ordinance will be incurred by the owner of the vehicle.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Ward 5 Council person Jane Haines thanked the city manager for his hard work and his efforts to clean up the city.

City ordinance also states everyone should periodically cut and dispose of all weeds and grass, so as to ensure no weeds, vines, grasses or other vegetative growth exceeds eight inches. 

The city gives violators three days to mow, so combined with mail time, it gives the violator five days to come into compliance.

If residents fail to comply, the city will mow the grass at a fee of $150 per hour with a minimum charge of $150, according to the ordinance. In addition, violators must pay an administrative fee of $250, and for subsequent cutting within a growing season, $500.

During the summer, the most common complaint is high grass, so the city hires a part-time worker to help handle the high grass complaints.

Old furniture, mattresses or large bulk items should not be placed on tree lawns for sanitation workers to remove. Residents who require bulk item removal are asked to make arrangements with the Sanitation Department by calling 440-993-8101. A nominal fee is charged for this service, but failure to make the proper arrangements results in a citation.

Residents are also able to bring bulk items to the transfer station which is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Items delivered to the station weighing up to 50 pounds costs $4 between 51 to 100 pounds costs $8, 150 pounds cost $12 and 500 pounds cost $40.

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