Ashtabula County in top 20 for new state COVID-19 cases

Data from the Ohio Department of Health shows that COVID-19 cases have increased drastically in Ashtabula County in the last several weeks.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Ashtabula County is increasing quickly, with 703 new cases reported in the last two weeks, according to information from the Ohio Department of Health.

Ashtabula County currently ranks 20th out of Ohio’s 88 counties in new COVID-19 cases per capita over the last two weeks, according to the ODH. 

There were 79 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Ashtabula County on Thursday, according to ODH.

That number could change. The state is behind on checking some test results, Gov. Mike DeWine said in a press conference on Thursday. There is a backlog of around 12,000 tests statewide that are being double checked, DeWine said. Those tests tend to be confirmed as positive, he said.

There were three new hospitalizations and no new deaths reported on Thursday, according to ODH. There have been a total of 160 hospitalizations in Ashtabula County, and 53 deaths from COVID-19.

There were 43 new cases of COVID-19 reported among students at county schools in the last week. Fifteen of those cases were reported at A-Tech, 13 were reported in the Ashtabula Area City Schools, nine were reported in the Geneva Area City Schools, three were reported at Conneaut Area City Schools, two were reported at Jefferson Area Local Schools and one was reported at Christian Faith Academy, according to ODH. There were 24 cases reported among school staff this week.

Ashtabula County remained red on the state’s Public Health Advisory System map, with four of the system’s seven indicators met. The county met indicators for number of new cases, an increase in new cases, emergency department visits and outpatient visits, according to ODH.

Statewide, there are no more yellow counties on the Public Health Advisory System map. Fifteen counties are orange, 62 counties are red, and for the first time, one county has reached purple, the worst level in the system, according to ODH. Lake and Montgomery counties are approaching purple.

Every county in Ohio continues to have high incidence of COVID-19 spread, according to ODH. The county with the lowest rate of spread per capita, Vinton, is still almost double the CDC’s threshold for high incidence, according to ODH.

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