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ASHTABULA -- City Council will attempt to add to the number of roads to be paved this summer by finagling with the budget.

After perusing Service Director James Rodgers' recommended paving list, council spent a good part of Monday night's work session bemoaning the condition of the city's roads and the need to pave more of them.

Rodgers said some additional money has been put aside for emergencies, like culvert and drainage improvements. He understood those funds weren't to be used for paving.

City Manager Anthony Cantagallo said time is money and, if an asphalt contract is not acted upon by the end of the month, council will have to add $5 per linear foot to the cost.

Ward 1 Councilman Matthew Perry questioned the street paving budget. After some discussion, council determined City Auditor Michael Zullo was needed to clear it all up.

Cantagallo telephoned Zullo. After a few minutes of conversation, Cantagallo said he will meet with Zullo first thing this morning and call each councilman with the numbers. Zullo said some emergency money could be put toward road paving projects, Cantagallo said.

Perry said he would like to spend $100,000 in each ward.

Ward 5 Councilman Chris McClure said Bunker Hill Road from Jefferson Road to Main Avenue is tops on his to-do list.

Ward 3 Councilwoman Betty Kist said she was happy as long as Kain Avenue remains on the paving list.

Perry said he wants to make Pleasantview Avenue his top priority.

Sandra Ranck, a nine-year resident of Pleasantview, presented council with a signed petition, asking the city to pave her street.

"We have potholes 4 inches deep," she said. "People just want something done."

President Robert Beacom and Ward 2 Councilman James Paulchel were absent from the meeting.

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