Oral arguments have been delayed in Phil Garcia’s appeal of his conviction on gross sexual imposition and compelling prostitution charges.

Arguments had been scheduled for June 15 for Garcia’s appeal, but last week a judge granted the state’s motion to delay arguments. No new date for the oral arguments was available as of Monday afternoon.

Garcia’s attorney, Reid Yoder, filed a motion opposing delaying the oral arguments.

Garcia, a former caterer, high school sports official and Conneaut City Council member, was charged with a variety of sexual offenses. He eventually pleaded guilty to four counts of compelling prostitution, third-degree felonies, and seven counts of sexual imposition, third-degree misdemeanors, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Yoder filed an appeal after the verdict, citing a number of alleged issues with the case. The state agreed with one issue Garcia’s appeal raised, that he was sentenced to six years more than the maximum sentence.

The state requested Garcia be re-sentenced on the three counts on which the judge sentenced him to more than the maximum prison term, according to court filings.

Garcia’s legal team has sought to withdraw his guilty plea entirely.

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