ANDOVER — Council authorized Andover Village Manager Richard Mead to apply for an Ohio Public Works Commission Small Government grant for a sewer project on Tuesday evening during the regular meeting.

“This will [if granted] fund slip lines or spot repair on Peach Street,” said Mead of the project that is needed because of leaky sewer lines.

“One way or another, something is going to happen with the Peach Street sewer line,” he said.

Mead said the grant would be for $100,000 and the village would pay $30,000 which could include a small loan to fund the project. He said the village has several sewer lines issues that need to be addressed.

Elm Street is the next candidate for repair work.

“We will see where to go from there,” he said.

Council also discussed the former Andover Industries property that has been vacant for many years. Mead said discussions are already going on regarding the property. He said more discussions are likely to develop about the property later this year or the beginning of 2022.

Mead said he has had discussions with the Ashtabula County Port Authority regarding the property. He said one grant application was denied because it wasn’t high enough on the list of properties in need of cleaning.

“It is kind of back to the drawing board,” Mead said.

Andover Police Chief Chris Baker said the roof has caved in on a portion of the building.

“The longer it stays, the worse [it will get],” Mead said.

Mead said some parts of the building are in good shape, but it would be hard to configure so a company could use the building.

Another possible approach would be to tear the building down and market the property for a company to build on the existing land.

“That may well be the direction we go,” Mead said.

In other business

• Council discussed the need for a bus stop near the convenience store on the square.

• Re-hired Andover Village Solicitor Richard Kotila for a two-year term. He will begin his 41st year of service to the village in January.

“It continues to be a privilege to represent the village,” he said.

• Completed the first reading of an ordinance to hire Love Insurance Agency for general liability and property insurance for 2022.

• Declared an all-terrain vehicle and a dump truck as surplus to be sold by Ohio Revised Code accepted rules.

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