Andover's new mayor officially takes the helm

Village solicitor Rick Kotila, left, administers the oath of office to newly elected Mayor Jerry Dibell. Photo submitted.

ANDOVER — It’s a New Year and the village has a new mayor.

Mayor Jerry Dibell was recently sworn into office by Village Solicitor Rich Kotila. Dibell took the mayor’s seat in November after winning the election against incumbent Raymond French by four votes.

Dibell, who is employed by Aqua Ohio, had served on village council since 2016. He ran on a platform of having a track record of working for residents with a goal of bringing industry to the village and bridging the divide between village and township officials on the issue of annexation.

On Wednesday, Dibell, reached by phone on his way to Columbus for his Mayor’s Court certification, said he is eager to get to work in Andover. Although he declined to discuss specific companies by name, Dibell said he’s been in contact with existing businesses as well as some potential prospects who he would like to pull in to Andover.

“I’ve been in communication with a couple different companies looking to expand their businesses,” Dibell said.

Another area Dibell said he would like to take a particular focus on is road conditions in the village.

“Hopefully this summer we can really start hitting the roads hard,” Dibell said. “I feel the two big issues in Andover that people talk about are jobs and roads. That’s the two areas I want to hammer on. I want the residents to know they can reach out at any time and I welcome comments on areas we need to improve.”

Dibell made news in 2018 after working with postal authorities to bring more mail delivery service to village residents, many of whom had to go to the post office to get their mail from post office boxes.

In particular, mail delivery will begin in the future to residents of an apartment complex on Gates Street, some of whom are older or disabled. Dibell said that project is underway and he looks forward to seeing it completed.

“They have a small building over top of where they are going to put the boxes at, but there aren’t any boxes yet,” Dibell said. “I’m still happy to see progress and the project moving.”

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