ANDOVER — Village council rescinded an old ordinance Tuesday that could have possibly had an impact on funding of the Pymatuning Valley Greenway Trail.

The ordinance was originally passed in 2002 under a village council in which none of the current members served, according to Council President Curt Williams.

It was believed that language in the old ordinance opposing a trail through Andover might have caused private donors to pull funding on the project, Williams said.

“The Greenway Trail is an opportunity for us to increase tourist traffic down here,” Williams said.

Village solicitor Rick Kotila said back when the ordinance was passed there were council members with concerns about security on the trail. There was also a push at the time to find an alternate route that would not come through Andover, Kotila said.

The Pymatuning Valley Greenway Trail has been a concept for a number of years, but construction could begin in the next two years.

In September the Ashtabula County Metroparks celebrated a $1.2 million grant which will aid in construction of the first phase of more than three miles of trail from Andover Village Hall to Leon Road.

The trail will ultimately run from the Pennsylvania state line through Dorset and connect to the Western Reserve Greenway Trail, a stretch that is more than 25 miles. The Metroparks have owned the land where the trail will exist since 2003. It was was originally a rail line.

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