JEFFERSON — The stage was set by John Patterson and Lynette Seith on Saturday morning as they painted the historical context for the first wedding in village history that was re-enacted at the Jefferson Depot Village.

The 1807 wedding of Jonathan Warner and Nancy Friethy was brought to life by volunteers dressed in period garb. Patterson and Seith made a presentation that put the wedding into context.

Patterson explained the political situation the nation faced with problems between the French and the British and the unwillingness of the United States to get caught in the middle. He detailed the political situation at the time that even included the British Navy taking four deserted soldiers from a ship in Chesapeake Bay.

He said the village of Jefferson was fairly isolated during the time period.

"We are out here by our lonesome in 1807," Patterson said.

Seith explained the differences between a wedding in the early 1800s and those in present day Ashtabula County.

"Wearing white [gown] was not a good sign. It meant no dowry," she said.

The time of day was different for weddings as well.

"Before 1880 all the weddings were in morning," she said.

Seith said a breakfast was held about 30 minutes after the wedding.

Seith said a female companion accompanied the couple on their honeymoon as well.

Alex Sarnum and Ashley Price portrayed the couple in the historic church at the village.

"This is a re-enactment of the first wedding in Jefferson and it seems important," Seith said.

Ashtabula County Commissioner J.P. Ducro attended the event in full 1800s dress and discussed relatives of his connected to the historic marriage. Isabel Warner was one of 10 children born to the couple that married in 1807.

"Isabel married my great, great grandfather," Ducro said.

He said he brought a chair that stems from the time period to the event.

During the service Rev. Fred Grimm pronounced the couple man and wife after a brief ceremony that included a song by Lori Brown. After the nuptials the wedding party, and some guests, posed for pictures outside the church.

The participants then went inside the depot for a breakfast and discussion of the wedding.

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