ANDOVER TOWNSHIP — The village of Andover recently sent a letter to the Pymatuning Valley School Board, and copied the Ashtabula County Commissioners, advising them not to add sewer and water lines for a proposed bus garage unless they are willing to annex into the village.

The bus garageland development approval contract was recently approved by the school board with the structure to be built to the north of the Pymatuning Valley Middle School.

A letter dated June 26 indicated the village would not support the tap-ins for the new building.

“The exact plans for the board of education’s bus garage clearly show the proposed water and sewer lines will be extended beyond their current limits by the construction of new mains, complete with fire hydrants and manholes. ... The village’s ordinances are clear: no annexation, no tap. If you wish to proceed with the bus garage project, I suggested you begin the annexation process immediately,” the letter from village signed by village administrator Richard Mead stated.

The village has been seeking to annex 18 properties in the township that presently receive water or sewer or both for more than two years. Village leaders are concerned about a variety of services provided to the township for which the village covers the costs,including snow plowing and other expenditures.

One of the 18 properties is the Pymatuning Valley Schools. Another $100,000 in revenues for the village due to income taxes the district would pay if part of the village, village officials said in 2019 when an annexation lawyer was hired at $250 an hour.

Pymatuning Valley School Board Treasurer Thomas Brockway said the school district received the letter.

“Our legal counsel will be reaching out to theirs,” he said.

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