ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — It took five weeks for caterpillars to become butterflies, but they were gone quickly on Thursday afternoon when released by St. John School Kindergarten teacher Millicent Zullo.

Zullo entlisted the help of her children Lucianno, 6, and Santino, 4, to release the butterflies as a part of a lesson on metamorphosis that started on April 2. They were housed in a large plastic container with plenty of air holes.

School was already on hold when the caterpillars arrived but the students continued the project with their parents in an attempt to release the butterflies when the weather warmed to an appropriate temperature, Zullo said.

“About one half the kids have them [butterflies] at home and are doing this on their own,” she said.

The rest are getting regular updates by Facebook, Zullo said. She said she has a Facetime chat with each student at least once a week and the children have enjoyed the process.

“[The butterflies] hatched on Sunday,” Zullo said.

She said the temperatures had to be above 50 degrees for the release, which occurred in the driveway of the home of Donna and Clementine Marini, who watched through a doorway as the temperatures finally moved into the 60 degree range.

“We like to share these moments with them,” Zullo said of her grandparents watching their great grandchildren.

“It is really an honor,” said Clementine Marini as Donna Marini recorded the event on a cell phone.

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