ASHTABULA — With most children forced to stay home, Kids for Positive Change have found a way to brighten essential workers’ days during this coronavirus pandemic.

The kids have spent the last few days making signs, drawing pictures and writing notes to say thank you to essential workers, especially health-care professionals. The children attend either Ashtabula Area City Schools or St. John School.

They are not able to personally hand them out, so Kids for Positive Change founder and director, Camille Licate, is taking pictures and then sharing the photos online for essential workers to see.

“We met virtually last week and decided this would be our take-action project,” she said. “The kids are working on other at-home positive take action projects too, such as take-action letters, a digital KPC school newspaper, a KPC pledge, book and videos.”

Fifth-grade Erie Intermediate student, Jayden Keller, created a poster to thank workers from green construction paper and printed, “We are staying home for you. Thanks for your service.” Jayden decorated the poster with hearts, butterflies and flowers.

Jenna Timonere, a fifth-grade student from St. John School, used red construction paper and wrote, “We appreciate you and want you to know you’re work is not going unnoticed. Thank you.”

Jaylin Streit and Tyree Mcswain, fourth- and fifth-graders at St. John School, wrote “thank you” and drew a thumbs up, flowers and hearts on their posters.

For many of the children, their mothers and fathers are the ones on the front lines: doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, pharmacists, city and county officials and grocers.

That’s why they’re taking time to show their appreciation, not only for their parents, but for everyone — locally, nationally and globally — trying to get through these trying times, Licate said.

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