JEFFERSON — Judy Pallant’s corn and peaches sold out Saturday morning, faster than ever before.

Heather Burns’ hydrengas and corn flowers have never been so hearty.

Debbie and Jerry Senger’s honey, jams, jelly and zucchini bread sales are booming.

The Sengers and Pallant organize the Jefferson Farmers Market held every Saturday in the Jefferson Historical Society’s parking lot at 42 E. Jefferson St. The market opens in mid-June and continues through mid-October with safety guidelines in place.

Despite the pandemic, Debbie Senger said, business is up this season.

“We are busier than ever — it’s something people can do outside and they’re excited to get out and do something,” she said. “We bring everything from our gardens. We have a little bit of everything.”

Sean Howe, 12, and his brother, Seamus, 10, are the youngest vendors in the group of five booths. They sell small jars of dried herbs and honey. 

“The traffic is a lot better than we expected,” Seamus said. 

Pallant said the farmers market remains vital to the community, though it looks a little different this year.

The Jefferson Farmers Market is taking precautions set by the Department of Agriculture and Ohio Department of Health, which issued guidance to customers and vendors earlier this year, she said.

Farmers markets were able to reopen for the garden season because fresh produce sales qualifies them as essential businesses.

Pallant said they were given two pages of rules to follow, such as required masks, social distancing in checkout lines, regular sanitation procedures, regular disinfection of surfaces and space between booths. And customers are no longer allowed to handle produce before buying it.

As the weather turns to late summer and early fall in northeast Ohio, the Farmers Market expects to grow and area residents and visitors alike can enjoy the home-grown goodness of local fruits and vegetables.

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