Geneva-on-the-Lake luxury campground up and running

Hearthside Grove Lake Erie, a luxury campground in Geneva-on-the-Lake, is up and running on Lake Road West.

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — A new luxury campground is off to a good start along Lake Road West, between Breakwater Beach and the Geneva State Park Campground, said Hearthside Grove Lake Erie managing partner Eric Frantz.

“Things are going great. We are happy to be winding down our first phase of construction,” Frantz said. He said visitors have come from a wide geographic area.

The coronavirus pandemic put a hold on the completion of a swimming pool, Frantz said but the rest of the work was completed. He said the first phase included the construction of 55 camping lots.

The lots are available for rent or purchase and the ones bought can have a building constructed on the site to add to the luxury camping experience, Frantz said. He said the first year has been a concentration of rental customers, but some have been purchased and others are at some stage of the (purchase) process.

Frantz said those who purchase the properties can rent them when not in the area.

“We manage the process. It is a way for them to make some money on their [investment],” he said.

The second phase of the construction project is scheduled to begin in November when the 2020 camping season winds down. He said the completion of the pool, and a pool headquarters, will be important parts of the next phase as well as an entry building on the front of the property which are all expected to be completed by next spring.

When Frantz made the 2019 announcement he said the resort did not have any similar options in the Midwest but they are focused in California and Florida. The potential bungalows range in size from 600 to 2,000 square feet Frantz said at the time.

Geneva-on-the-Lake Mayor Dewayne Bennett said the village worked with the campground to make sure infrastructure was available. He said a lift station and a “force main” were built to meet their needs.

“So far everything has been super positive,” Bennett said. He said the campground rents golf carts and they have been seen regularly on the Strip.

“They are supporting our restaurants and using our services,” Bennett said.



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