ASHTABULA — A two-seater tandem bicycle rigged to a sturdy cart turns heads while an Ashtabula pair drive to different locations throughout the city.

A unique delivery team reaches out to those who need items moved from place to place.

Kenneth Wolfgang and helper Emily Barnum have a wagon that helps transport small items and a bigger contraption that can haul a variety of items including small pieces of furniture.

“We picked up some bed railings and an old refrigerator box,” Wolfgang said of the larger device that hauls the bigger items as the pair pedal in the manner of a bicycle built for two.

On Tuesday they picked up cardboard boxes at the Dollar Store to deliver to a family that was moving, Wolfgang said. He said they kick into gear when someone asks for their services through word of mouth.

Wolfgang said they sometimes delivery groceries and other small items, but sometimes get requests for bigger hauls.

Wolfgang is blind, so Barnum is his eyes for the trips as she pedals from the second chair on the “blind trucking” machine.

“I just enjoy going out helping people,” Barnum said.

Sanda Candela, also of Ashtabula, said he appreciates the help he has received over the last two years.

“I think it is pretty neat what they do,” he said.

Candela said Wolfgang and Barnum have helped him a lot in a lot of ways in addition to deliveries.

Wolfgang said the deliveries can be random with a lot in a short period of time and then a less busy schedule to follow.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the pair have been wearing masks to protect themselves and others.

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