Orders to stay home have been in place for some time now, and a data analysis firm has assessed grades to counties across the United States.

Ashtabula County received a D-.

Unacast, a data analysis firm based in Norway, assigned grades to every state and county in the United States, comparing anonymous, bulk cell phone data from before the outbreak to data now.

Overall grades are based on two factors, change in distance traveled, and change in non-essential visits. Ashtabula County received a D in change in distance traveled, and an F in change in non-essential visits.

President of the Ashtabula County Commissioners Casey Kozlowski encouraged the people of Ashtabula County to follow the guidelines that have been established.

“I find that very disappointing, that we received a D- as part of this rating,” Kozlowski said. “So I think that we should take this as a lesson, that we should be doing more and should be doing better. And it’s my hope that residents can do that moving forward.”

In a bit of good news, both travel and non-essential visits have been trending downward in Ashtabula County, which would improve the county’s grade.

“That’s positive progress, and as we move forward, let’s hope that we can keep at that and improve our standing,” Kozlowski said.

The Ashtabula Health Department has been working to educate the public about the importance of social distancing, said Christine Kettunen, Director of Public Health Nursing at the Ashtabula County Health Department.

Health Department employees have been doing a number of inspections based on reports of businesses not adhering to social distancing rules.

“Usually, we find that the employers are really trying, it’s just like, when people are around each other, they maybe just forget because they’re not used to this, and so they’re having a hard time,” Kettunen said.

The health department has been focusing on education to encourage people to keep their distance from one another.

The most recent data available from Unacast is from March 28. New data takes several days to process to make sure it is accurate, according to the company’s website.

Ashtabula County is one of 10 Ohio counties that received a D-. Overall, Ohio received an A-. Lake County received an A-, and Trumbull and Geauga counties both received a B-.

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