ASHTABULA — ABC Child Care and Learning Center recently celebrated the joining of Ashtabula County Day Care and Iddie Biddie Kiddie City 20 years ago continuing a line of child care that goes back 50 years.

Ashtabula County Day Care started 50 years ago at First Presbyterian Church in Ashtabula to help low-income mothers who had to go to work, said ABC Child Care and Learning Center Administrator Jodi van’t Veer.

ABC Child Care and Learning Center Executive Administrator Larina Spring said the two day cares came together in the new building on 11th Street in Ashtabula and have been caring for children there ever since.

The coronavirus pandemic closed down day care operations for more than two months and the industry is still working to get back to “normal.” Spring said the organization is licensed for 280 children, but presently has only 190 as many children have not returned.

“We were at maximum,” Spring said. She said new protocols have been challenging, but seem to be working.

“We’ve decided to escort the kids in and out instead of parents coming in,” Spring said.

During a Monday evening quarterly meeting the staff celebrated the life of the school and the work of employees who have been at the centers for 30 years and those retiring.

Dannette Piper was honored for her 30 years of service as a cook and Pam Osburn for her work with young children. Osburn and Piper plan on continuing their careers, but Melinda Messent, 22 years, Beth Trombley, 12 years, and Anne Stevenson, 19 years, are retiring.


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