ROCK CREEK — The village is taking on a new look with several buildings recently demolished, a park improved and former businesses re-worked.

A former hardware store that has been vacant for years and a building that was used for a former post office and an Odd Fellows hall were razed this week leaving room for potential growth, said Rock Creek Village Administrator Tedy Butte.

He said the property owner was able to demolish the buildings.

Butte said there have been a lot of donations for the redevelopment of Brandeberry Park, which is moving along well.

"We are putting electrical outlets in so people can charge their phones," Butte said.

He said there has been landscaping, new drains and an elongated driveway added to the park.

Pam Forrestal, Rock Creek fiscal officer and former mayor, said the village has been hoping to improve the park for a long time but there weren't any funds available. She said her mother recently died and the family decided to make her memorial donations available to help improve the park and the Rock Creek United Methodist Church women's group donated funds after the church closed.

Forrestal said a swing set is planned for the park.

Butte said the Ashtabula County Port Authority recently completed a project that included the removal of tanks at an old gas station property and is preparing  to clean up a piece of land across Route 45 that includes abandoned trucks, providing potential new uses for the land.

"They tore down the awning and removed the tanks and that is going to be a gas station," Butte said of the property located on the west side of Route 45. He said the reclamation of the property across the street, that includes a lot of abandoned vehicles, could take up to a year to complete.

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