Callum recovering


Callum, an orange tabby from Conneaut, is recovering from surgery after suffering an arrow shot through his throat and shoulder. 

CONNEAUT — A cat is well on his way to recovery after veterinarians removed an arrow from his throat and shoulder Monday evening.

The orange tabby, named Callum by rescuers, is recovering at the home of Sara Maddox, founder of Maddox and Friends Cat Rescue.

“He’s doing great this morning and expected to make a full recovery,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday. “Callum is one of the most friendly and loving cats we have had to date.”

Maddox asks supporters to come out for a peaceful gathering in front of the Conneaut Courthouse at 9 a.m. Tuesday when the suspect, Robert Nadolny, 57, of Conneaut, makes his first court appearance.

Nadolny faces two animal cruelty charges — felony prohibition concerning companion animals and a misdemeanor prohibition concerning companion animals, according to Law Director Kyle Smith’s office.

“I ask that supporters get a white t-shirt and write either #justiceforcallum or #wearehisvoice on your shirt or sign and come and stand with us,” Maddox said. “The signs may not say anything vulgar or anything that isn’t peaceful. We ask that people show up 20 minutes early so we can line up along the sidewalk.”

Participants are asked to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Police say Nadolny shot this cat with an arrow last Thursday and the cat showed back up on Sunday, alive, with the arrow still protruding through his body.

“The arrow entered at the throat area and exited near the shoulder,” Maddox said. “The long end of the arrow had to be cut off at the rescue in order to transport Callum to the emergency veterinarian.”

The veterinarian determined Callum needed surgery, and transferred him to an animal hospital in Akron, as the arrow was dangerously close to his carotid artery, Maddox said.

Callum came through the surgery and is doing well, she said.

“Callum will have no justice if Nadolny is allowed to plea to only a misdemeanor charge,” Maddox said. “We will ask with our actions that the judge not stand for a lax punishment for such an evil crime.”

The cost of Callum’s surgery has been estimated to be about $5,000, but Maddox has faith the money will come in as the cat rescue operates 100 percent on donations.

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