Ten levies were before county voters on Tuesday. Of those, six passed, according to preliminary results provided by the Ashtabula County Board of Elections.

A total of 3,275 people voted in the election, according to preliminary results.

Hartsgrove Township placed a 3-mill, continuing fire levy on the ballot, which was voted down by a narrow margin, 35 to 32. Officials said the funds were to be used for the purchase of a new fire engine, and potentially to help create a vehicle-replacement program. The levy would also pay for increased costs in firefighting equipment, township officials had said.

Voters in the Buckeye Local School District approved the renewal of a 1.9-mill, five-year permanent improvement levy, 359 to 172.

The levy was first passed in 1971, and currently brings in about $450,000 for the district. Previously, Board President Shannon Pike said the funds will be used to maintain district facilities.

Ashtabula city voters approved the renewal of a 1.5-mill, five-year parks and recreation levy, 729 to 359.

The levy was first passed in 2016. Funds from the levy have been used for capital improvements at the city’s parks.

Jefferson Township’s replacement of a 1.5-mill road and bridges levy was approved by voters, 67 to 15. The levy excluded the village of Jefferson.

The replacement of the levy was intended to offset higher asphalt prices, officials said.

Voters in Jefferson Township and Jefferson Village approved a renewal of Henderson Memorial Public Library’s 1.5-mill levy, 199 to 27. Officials said the levy has helped the library replace its HVAC system and upgrade technology.

Trumbull Township voters approved the renewal of a 1-mill, five-year fire and EMS levy, 43 to 35. The levy is the Township Fire Department’s only levy, officials said.

Windsor Township’s additional 1-mill, five-year parks and recreation levy was rejected by voters, 62 to 34.

Township officials previously stated the funds would be used for upkeep of the township’s parks and community center.

Saybrook voters approved a new .5-mill levy for Saybrook Township Park’s operating expenses, 653 votes to 455. Park officials previously said the levy will help pay for erosion protection.

Plymouth Township residents voted down a new five mill levy, 185 to 166. Voters in the Ashtabula Area City Schools district voted down a 3.8-mill continuing levy for current expenses, 1220 to 1,032.

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